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TIE Conference
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The Lakota term Takini means "survivor" in English! Almost all the students that go to school at Takini School are "relatives or shirt-tail relatives" to the Lakotas that were massacred at ""Wounded Knee"!
Takini School is located on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Takini School is a Kindergarten through High School program located on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation and is one of the poorest county in the nation with less than $7500.00 dollars of income per capita; we are serving approximately 170 students from the surrounding communities: Bridger, Takini, Cherry Creek, Red Scaffold, Dupree, Iron Lightening, Eagle Butte, and other surrounding rural areas. The school is limited in what it can provide to the K-12 grades program. Many of these students come from low to extreme poverty single parent families and/or live with grandparents or extended parents. We are in need of assistance to increase enrollment, attendance, good behavior, motivation for academics/scholarships and to give incentives for our students to become future leaders. We have a funding shortfall; our students can only participate in the limited programs provided by the school. We are seeking additional funding to expand school activities and to give incentives and reward students with positive goals and achievements. We also want to promote the involvement of parents and family members through activities with the students, unfortunately we lack funding to properly organize and realize such goals; we could use your help to collect the funding required to start programs and activities in our school by donating to Takini School HC77 Box 537 Howes, SD 57748.
Mitakuye Oyasin! ( Prayer- All our Relations) Thank you very much! (Lila wopila tanka)

You can access your kids grades and attendance by using the portal, call the school to set up an account!
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Woonspe Okolakiciye
A learning place for the success of all!

Takini School
HC 77 Box 537
Howes, SD  57748
(605) 538 4399

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